Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome Aboard!

My phone vibrated with a text message today. It was Sarah Mooney. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she asked me if I knew Paige and Page, two day camp counselors. Page was my DC my first summer on staff, but I don't actually know Paige. When I asked her why, she gave me the best news ever - they are now new members of Delta Gamma at IU! That makes for 6 CT DG's, with 5 of us still working.

This is Brett. She lived in Seminole my first summer. She is so sweet, and it was so fun to be able to talk to her about the differences between our chapters. She was the first person who showed me that the bond of Delta Gamma sisterhood reaches beyond our own chapter.

This is Brit. Brit was in my cabin for staff training this year. One day I was wearing letters and we discovered we have a common bond - Delta Gamma. From that moment on we realized we are basically the exact same person. I loved having Brit at camp this summer. She also lived in Seminole and was my anchor when times got tough. She truly embodies what a Delta Gamma is. She gives me hope.

Michelle, one of Brit's campers, introduced me to her older sister Sarah over the summer. Sarah was going to be coming to Drake in the fall and was hoping to talk to me about school. I was disaffilated at the time so I could not reveal to her that I was a Delta Gamma. She decided to go through recruitment. I was SO happy when Sarah joined. Delta Gamma and Camp Tecumseh are two of my favorite things in this world and they have both had a huge impact on who I am. It meant so much to me that I was going to be able to share these two great things with another girl. Sarah is my link to camp at Drake, holds me to my values, challenges me to be the best version of me possible, and is also an anchor of hope for my life. I can't imagine Drake without her.

This is Page. She was my DC for one week in 2009, but I knew that she was great then. I am so happy that she is now my sister. I am excited for her and Paige to learn what it means to be a DG.

It is so special that the five of us will be able to share this next summer. I cannot wait to take countless sisterhood photos with them, and to share what the ritual means to us. Camp T fosters such special friendships, and so does Delta Gamma. It is incredible what type of friendships grow when the two of them combine. God is so good.

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