Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hunger Pangs

I didn’t prepare my kitchen for Ash Wednesday. The only things I had in my possession this morning was bacon, chicken, a box of uncooked pasta, and an enormous box of chocolate covered almonds – things that don’t work well for a day when I am abstaining from meat and a lent where I'm basically giving up all of that. Thankfully, living in the city is awesome, so I popped into a grocery store on my way to the Red Line to pick up two meals for the day. I grabbed a smoothie for breakfast and some soup for lunch.

Four o’clock hit and I realized I was hungry.

Out of nowhere, the Holy Spirit reminded me that these little hunger pangs are nothing compared to the hunger my soul feels for the love of Christ. And that desire is so small compared to the hunger Christ feels for me to know and follow Him.  

So throughout lent as you feel the pangs for the ice cream you gave up, for the ability to Facebook stalk, or for a juicy steak on Friday, I pray those little aches remind you of how deeply Christ wants you to know His love for you.
Happy Ash Wednesday.