Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Favorites: Weird things you can buy on [2]

Welcome to May where the Events Team is buys out of their minds and we are 20 days away from NST. So not only is work crazy busy, but I'm spending my evenings hanging out with people before I'm gone for a full month. So instead of a post with substance, I give you to my five favorite weird things you can buy on that I discovered yesterday (meaning, I'm sure there are a lot of other weird purchases you can make).


Who DOESN'T want to be a unicorn? This cat.
This is how looking at weird things on amazon started when amazon tweeted this. WHAT!? Why is this a thing?! I mean, do you need anything else in life?! Buy this amazing product here.

TWO: A monocle. 

Christine learned on on NPR that the cool new thing for hipsters to do was wear monocles. So, obvioulsy we had to investigate to see if it was really a thing. It is. You're welcome. Become the hippest of the hipsters here.

 THREE: This hilarious book about grammar.

THIS BOOK IS THE BEST because it shows why we need to use commas. Amazing. I actually discovered this book at a trendy bookstore in Denver, but you can buy it on amazon. Explain to your friends why the oxford comma matters here.

FOUR: Emergency Googly Eyes.
My roommates may or may not have put googly eyes on random things in our apartment my senior year of college (i.e. microwave, light switch, chair, etc.). And it may or may not have been amazing. Stock up for your next googly eye emergency here.

FIVE: A coffee cup for your squirrel.

Squirrels need caffeine too.

Some of you may know of my love for squirrels. If this fact is a new fact for you, I present to you this picture of me and my DG taxidermy squirrel, Evil Kenevil:

He is not gross or weird. Okay, maybe a little.
 Unfortunately, he was a will, so I had to give him away when I graduated. Saddest day ever. But now someone else is being his loving mama, so it's all good. Buy the mug here so you can enjoy your morning cup of joe with your squirrel.

So there you have it, my friends. What weird things have you found on Amazon?


  1. Oh, dear, the unicorn cat takes the cake!

    When I used to teach Composition I had a running document of grammar mistakes ("Let's eat Grandma" type stuff) my students loved it. I hope please God to never have to teach freshman comp again but if I DO I will definitely get this book.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. RIGHT!? I want nothing more in life to see a cat wearing that unicorn hat. I just can't.

  2. That book will make a great present for my teacher husband. Thanks!

    1. It's just so fun! I'm not even a teacher and I want it! I hope he enjoys it :)

  3. the link to the squirrel coffee cup mug suggested i buy a squirrel attack mug. two days later thanks to amazon prime i now own a squirrel attack coffee mug :D

    1. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha everything about this story makes me so happy! :)

      Proud of you. Use that mug with pride.