Friday, May 30, 2014

7QTs on travel, carnivals, and the cold water challenge

I'm blogging from my phone at the airport today, so sorry there is no fancy 7QT image today. 

1. Happy May 30, people. Tomorrow is the last day of May and today I am flying to Florida. It's gonna be so great. 

2. Have you heard of the Cold Water Challenge? Basically it's this thing where someone challenges you to immerse yourself in cold water in some capacity & donate $10 to a charity of your choosing within 24 hours. If you don't do it, you are supposed to donate $100. If you do it, you get to post a video to facebook and then challenge other people to the CWC. It's a fun way to have fun and generate giving amongst younger people.

3. Maddie nominated me. Shere's my video:

My friends are the worst & didn't participate. 

4. This was a great week full of friendship and fun. My friend Katherine is leaving on the World Race right before I get back from NST, so I won't get to see her again until May 2015. So we obviously had to take a goodbye selfie. 

A friend from college is currently on the race and it seems like a really great program. I am so excited for Katherine and the lives she will change and the community she will build! Support and follow her mission here. 

5. Speaking of selfies, it was revealed last night that my roommate Michelle hates the word, "selfie." Obviously, Jenna and I proceeded to force her to take her first ever selfie. 

6. Last weekend I had the privilege of driving 8 hours to West Point, Nebraska to watch Shelby & Calvin get married. They are beautiful people with big hearts for loving others and that was evident at their wedding. Hundreds of people came out to pray and celebrate with them as they started a new chapter of their life.

Shelb was beautiful and Calvin didn't stop smiling all day. It was so great to be a part of their day, and I hope for many blessings upon them as they start their new lives together!

7. It's a big weekend happening right now. Camp Tecumseh Staff Training starts today, all the missionaries arrive at FOCUS New Staff Training tomorrow, and the FIRST EVER NST WELCOME CARNIVAL IS ON SUNDAY!

Seriously, you guys, this is gonna be big. At camp, we pull out all the stops to welcome the new staff to the community and make sure they are included and feel cared for. It's loud, it's big, it's crazy, and it's fun. FOCUS does a great job of welcoming us, but it's easy to feel lost that next day when you don't know anything or anyone. Since my first year I have wanted to do something big to kick of NST. This is my chance to shine. But more on that next week - I've got a flight to catch!

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