Friday, May 16, 2014

7QTs on NST because the Event is 8 Days Away & I Can't Think Of Anything Else

WHEW this week has been BUSY. And so was last week. We are 8 days away from the leadership heading down to Summer Training, and I'm 15 days away from going there myself. I keep forgetting that an event that I'm planning for July 4 does NOT need to be finalized by the time I leave. So I keep having to tell myself to relax a little.

For some reason, I didn't process how busy and crazy we would be the few weeks leading up to NST. I was really mentally prepared for SLS, but not so much this time. Hence the blog slacking and the fact that all I can think about is summer training. Sorry, friends. Bear with me.

However, I am getting really excited for NST. I think our team has done a great job of planning, and I'm really excited to see our event managers schedule play out. We have two new teammates (!!!!!!) who will be helping out, and our committee heads are the BOMB. So it's going to be a legit summer.

Part of my job has been to plan the weekend events and "random fun" that's been added in throughout the summer. Guys, I can't wait! I'm hoping the staff will really buy into the games and themes to add excitement to their busy, busy days at training. 

Sure, I'm excited to see this event come together, but I'm really excited to see my friends. NST is like a big homecoming for all the missionaries. It's a time to step back, reconnect, and get ready for the coming year. Oh, it is challenging as all get out, but I think I have a better mindset going into the event this yet!

I fell in love with google docs when I was the Director of Special Events for Delta Gamma, but I think my love affair has grown to a strange level now that I'm an event planner. I have over twenty New Staff Training documents and I may or may not have made google docs for my family to plan our upcoming vacation.

I don't know what else to say, so you should check out the newly redone Camp Tecumseh website. It's awesome.

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