Monday, March 28, 2011

My Weekend, In A List.

1. The 2nd Annual Greek Gala. It was great to see the event Ryan & I started continue on. Rachel & Nick did a GREAT job, and I loved being able to present the awards.
2. I got to talk to admitted students who are thinking very seriously about coming to Drake and are interested in Greek Life on Friday afternoon. It was super fun - I loved see how excited they all were about coming to college next year!
3. Playing with Kaylee.
4. Relays For Life!! I loved hanging out with my sisters and raising awareness :)

5. After RFL, Emily & I went to Star Bar to catch up. We hadn't really spent anytime together since getting back from spring break. So we decided to be real people (we were really nervous!) and went to a bar, had a drink and shared our stories about our mission trips. It was so great to hear how similar her experience in St. Louis was to mine in NYC. After sharing about spring break, we just had a great time chatting and sharing our lives.
6. DG Founders Day was March 15, so Alpha Lambda celebrated on Saturday. It was great to see all the alums come back to celebrate DG. It is really fun seeing the girls who have graduated the past two years come back and hearing what they're doing.

7. Babysitting
8. Mass & Student Suppers were really great tonight. We talked and sang about the woman at the well and thirsting for Christ. It was a great homily, & it was great to be in that setting again. It was weird not going to daily mass this past week after going everyday over spring break. I think I am going to try and go at least twice this week.
9. Hanging out in Middle Four tonight was so much fun. Emily & I were trying to do homework, but ended up writing all over Sarah's wall. So what did we do? Obviously we drove to Morehouse & picked her up. We drove around Drake's campus listening to really weird music, and then went back home to DG. At one point I left the room...BIG MISTAKE. Sarah & Emily got on my facebook and updated my status about 7 times. This then turned into an hour long facebook war. They were bullying me. It was so so so funny. One of my status' ended up with 123 comments on it, and just about every single one of those comments were "liked." One of my status updates was "two friends are better than no friends...I guess..." The night got funnier when our friend Carley came upstairs with the purpose of finding me to ask why my facebook status was so sad. Though they were bullying me, I was very happy to be able to spend time with the two of them. I apologize to anyone who's newsfeed we took over!
10. Sarah & I are both now laying in my bed blogging. I think she's going to spend the night. She has 8 am class. NBD. :)

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