Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday was Wednesday. Wednesday's are great. I don't have class.

1. I started yesterday off getting lunch with a camp friend. Beef was back in town picking up some transcripts and letters of recommendation. We went to Jethro's and shared our lives for an hour. It is crazy to think that three short years ago I nervously made my way to the field house to Beef's (then Coach Needham to me) office to have my camp interview. And now I am prepping for summer number three. It was great to hear what he is excited about right now and share how much I am growing. God is so good for giving me Camp and all of the wonderful people whom I have met through that experience. I can't wait until summer 2011.

2. Wednesday's mean discipleship with Lori. Yesterday that meant going over to the FOCUS women's house and sharing stories about our spring break trip. A group of Drake students went to Denver for a "Mile High Immersion." It sounded like they had a great time and really grew in community. I was able to share more deeply with Lori about what God had done in my life in New York (I will continue to update on that trip later, I just needed to share how great Wednesday was) and hear her insight about my experiences. I love being able to share those two hours on Wednesday afternoon's with her. I left their house pretty fired up about life, Jesus, and sharing his community with others.

3. Next, I went to work. I was a little nervous because it had been awhile since I had seen Kaylee. I was also being observed by her new case manager, and was nervous I'd be rusty on my therapy skills. But this was without a doubt the highlight of my day. We have been working with Kaylee on tacting (naming) pictures of people she works with and places that she goes. While I have been away, they have added her three ABA therapists (that's me!) to the stack. Now first of all, Kirsten (another one of Kaylee's therapist) provided my picture for Kaylee's visual schedule. She went through my facebook profile pictures to find one. Kaylee has a visual schedule so she knows what is going to be happening in her day (I need one of these in my life). So the last time I showed up for work, Ami whipped out this senior picture:
This is ridiculous. Not only was I 18 when this picture was taken, but I look hilarious. I love that this is the picture that Kirsten picked. It makes me laugh every time. So this what Kaylee sees every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. But anyways, when we were working on tacting, I pulled out this picture and asked "Kaylee, who is this!?" she simply smiled and said "Meeeshell." My heart melted a little. Kaylee was in the best mood ever and I had so much fun working with her yesterday. I have the two best jobs in the world - working at camp and working with Kaylee.

4. Recruitment counselor interviews were fun again. I love spending time with our recruitment team + Emily, and it was awesome to meet so many women who are excited about giving back to the recruitment process. We won't know who our recruitment counselors are until Tuesday, but I know we will have a fabulous group.

5. The night ended very, very late with Sarah. I learned that if I want to be productive, I probably shouldn't study with her because I had way too much fun. We had a facebook war, harassed Emily H into bringing us snacks, and relearned this game. Sarah has a video on her computer of us doing it. So so funny.

Hump day is the best.

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