Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been MIA. And I'm sorry. This has been a crazy time.

Since I've last posted:
1. I took two tests
2. I wrote 7 pages
3. Went to a phenomenal conference (post to come later), and
4. Had 9 meetings.

The rest of this week is pretty busy too. I have two more tests, quite a few meetings, and a large to do list before I leave on Friday.

As I am getting a handle on my life, I am looking forward to a few things that are coming up:
1. Mission Trip to The Bronx in 4 days
2. My birthday in 9 days
3. Going home in 3 days
4. DG Founders day in 18 days
5. Being at CT to kick on the summer in 67 days

Time to study!

PS - Lent starts tomorrow. Just incase you forgot :)


  1. sixty-seven days????? when did the countdown get so low!

  2. Coord training. It's 89 til staff training!! :)