Monday, March 21, 2011

Back To Reality

I have been trying and trying to write about spring break, but have been failing miserably.

It was incredible. Those are the only words I have right now. I will post a more detailed post about my trip (pictures included!) tomorrow.

But now, I am back to school and already overwhelmed and consumed by school and panhellenic work. When we were in NYC, we were never told our daily schedule until the night before - sometimes not until the morning of. It was so refreshing. It truly allowed us to give everything to God. It was really hard for me because I am such a planner. Being able to just live without schedules or worries was so beautiful and truly freeing. I think that was one of the biggest things I took from the trip - the ability to just be present and focus on what God has put in front of me. At school I am so consumed with my daily to do lists and crazy schedule that I don't think I am really present all the time. So now I am at school with all of those crazy things threatening my sanity and relationships. I know it is important to plan ahead and make lists to accomplish these tasks, but I don't want them to consume me. I have learned how to trust my day to God this past week, so I am really going to try to actually make it happen, starting now.

So tomorrow, I will write a little more about NYC. But know it was so good. :)

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