Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Journey.

My journey as a Futures Quest mentor ended today.

It's funny, really. We started off as strangers. Most of us knew no one. Yet in two and a half days, thirty fraternity men from around the country came together as more than friends; they came together as brothers. They do not wear the same letters. They hold different values closest to their hearts. Yet, they share a common bond. A bond of Ritual, a bond of brotherhood, and a bond of striving for excellence. They came to Futures Quest unsure of what to expect. They left better people, who are more committed to their values.

Never in my life have I been inspired by men my age. Yet these past few days, I have experienced more inspirational moments than ever before. These men came in, became vulnerable to each other, trusted the process, and grew. They made commitments to themselves, to their fraternity, and to each other. I am proud of each and every one of them.

They have truly given me hope for the future of the fraternal world. I am blessed to have known them.

Their journey at Futures Quest may have ended today. But their journey of changing the world has just begun. I was reminded that my journey has barley begun as well.

Delta Gamma is for hope. Delta Gamma is for strength. Delta Gamma is for life. My voice will not go silent, and I will continue to change the status quo. I will inspire Drake Greeks to become excellent men and women. Because being anything less is unacceptable.

I am excited to see what these men will do.

(PS - pictures will be added when i get my cord)

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