Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creating My Own Fun

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by what the norm is in college to have "fun". I don't really like to do that. I had a hard time my sophomore year because all I could see at Drake was people drinking (almost) every night of the week. I got really sad because I faced a lot of challenges in changing the culture of greek life at parties, and I felt like there was no one who shared my views. I didn't really want to come back to Drake this past fall because I didn't want to "deal with" the drinking culture here.

I've come to learn that there is potential to find fun everywhere I turn. I can help it if there is "nothing to do" at night. Every single day is an adventure for me waiting to happen. There are people, all around me, looking to do something different and fun. All I have to do is put a little effort forth, and not get caught up in being lazy and bored. If I am intentional in finding fun and adventure in my life, it is always there to greet me!

Tonight, after DG Bible Study, 10 of us headed up to big dorm to find a movie to watch. Instead, we ended up hanging out in middle four and just talking, laughing, and sharing hilarious stories. Sarah M. and I sat in my bed and made friendship bracelets. Carley sat on the floor making some hearts. There were girls scattered everywhere. It was so great. Some of my favorite quotes of the night were:

  • "Is that your screen name!?"
  • "I was weird in 8th grade. My confirmation name is Hildegard."
  • "I'm just picturing Whitney during recruitment with a ramp."
  • "Take a video of a red car passing a blue car."
  • "Usually I'm not this clever. I'm a pro at being funny tonight."
  • "Michelle likes wide ruled paper."
  • "I'm really upset no one wants to fart in front of me."

I've said before that I am going to be really busy this semester. I want to continue to find fun in my every day life, just like I want to find God in my everyday life. I think that God intended us to find fun in our lives. This fun that we create brings us joy, and brings us closer to those people around us, strengthening our community. And I know that God wants us to have strong communities where we support each other to grow in His love.

One other thing I've done this week to find fun in my life and strengthen our sense of community is create a 'question of the week' sign for our bathroom.
This week's question is:
The answers have been fun so far! I can't wait to see what everyone writes. I plan on making a new poster every week, making them funny, random, deep, and important.

I hope to keep creating my own fun this semester.


  1. Michelle I love this and I love you!!!

  2. I would like to be skilled at teleportation.