Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Have 130 Student Organizations - What are YOU Going to do with you Time Here!?

Wednesday marked the annual Student Activities Fair.

This year, 130 student organizations signed up. We all want people to get involved with our groups so we can get the best members. That meant we all had to use our best social excellence skills to make our booth stand out. So we all put on our recruitment smiles and stood in front of our booth (instead of sitting behind it) and attempted to engage as many people in a conversation as possible.

I had a lot of fun speaking with the PNM's (potential new members) who stopped by to pick up their shirts. It was awesome to see how excited they were about meeting their recruitment counselor and all of the chapters. It was also fun when I got to speak to men and women who weren't signed up for recruitment yet and tell them "why not!?" go through recruitment. We had a total of 242 women sign up before recruitment started on Saturday! That was 31 more than last year. We were all proud of our accomplishment because we knew this would be a great weekend.

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