Sunday, September 11, 2011

#40 - Make a "Love Tank" at School

Ok, so this bucket list item originally was to put a bucket list in big dorm. But I moved out of big dorm & DG before I had the chance to make a love tank. So I think it's okay that I edited it.

Last weekend was recruitment. I spent a ridiculous amount of hours with the recruitment counselors, panhel exec, and Leigh. I love and appreciate all of these women so much, but being disaffilated can be hard. It's hard when you hear your chapter singing sentimental song about your sisterhood. It's hard knowing everyone else has spent the last two weeks constantly together practicing and preparing for recruitment. It's hard when a PNM comes out of your chapter and LOVES it, but you can't share that exact excitement with them. It's even harder when a PNM comes out of your chapter and doesn't like it.

In order to keep that connection between the chapters and the disaffialtes, we created love tanks. Love tanks are paper bag mailboxes that are used to put notes about why you love someone in. We use them at camp, and they're a great way to show love and appreciation.

It was great getting notes from fellow disaffilates and the affilated chapter members. During recruitment, these love tanks served as a connection to the women in our chapters who we love and a way to encourage the other disaffialted members in what they're doing. I think it is important to recognize when someone is doing a good job and tell them why. That's why love tanks are so great.

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