Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taylor Swift!

Many of you know of the great TSwift tragedy of July 2011. Taylor got sick and hand to cancel her concert, leaving 8 Tecumseh counselors stranded in Kentucky, and very sad.

Sarah and I were not about to give up on our dreams of seeing TSwift in concert. As soon as we got back to Drake, we booked our tickets to see her in KC. We were super nervous she was going to get sick again. We spent the morning tweeting about it.

We heard nothing about Taylor being ill, so after Sarah cleaned my windows,

we took off down I-35 to Kansas City. Yvette slept in the back while barbie Jamie and Herman the gummy worm took turns driving.

We got home with just enough time to change into our best TSwift attire,

go to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, make a pitstop at Yogurtini,

and make a new friend

before heading to Arrowhead for the concert. We arrived just in time to see NEEDTOBREATHE perform. They were so good, and it was awesome to hear them live. At the end of their set, they announced that if you bought their new album today, you would be able to meet them. So we obviously rushed to section 133 to buy "The Reckoning."

We missed the first 30 seconds of Taylor's performance, but it was so worth it. When we got back to our seats (8th row, floor section!) we were transported into a fairytale land of Taylor Swift songs. It was AWESOME.

Highs of the TSwift Concert:
1. Seeing her sparkly & purple "13" on her hand
2. Trying to figure out why she had "I hope you know that even if I don't, I wanted to." written down her arm
3. Hearing her speak. She sounds like a Disney princess
4. It snowed during "Back to December."
5. Shaking Taylor's hand. NBD.
6. The "Speak Now" Scene
7. Ballet during "Enchanted"
8. The Encore. 15, Love Story, & glitter confetti
9. Hearing mom's talk about how they loved that she skipped around during the concert
10. Trapeze dancers. So legit.
11. Meeting NEEDTOBREATHE and telling Bear Rinehart we liked his anchor necklace

Yvette, Sarah, & I had a great weekend. It definitely made up for Louisville.

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