Monday, September 19, 2011


After buying my ticket to Indiana last week, I decided to take more opportunities and be intentional about keeping in touch with my friends. My goal for the week is to have at least one conversation each day with a friend who does not go to Drake.

Today, I got to talk with Maddie.

I had so much fun hearing about her life in DC, and how she is kind of a real person right now, even though she is kind of in "Washington DC Camp." Although it wasn't the same as having a heart-to-heart under the stars on the suspension bridge over the beautiful Richard G. Marsh Lake to the sounds to our 20 campers whispering as they fall asleep to the sounds of the bullfrogs croaking, it was so great to have a real conversation with Maddie. We talked about where we are with our relationship with God and where we want it to go. We talked about the future and what we want out of life, and how sometimes letting things go can be so good, even if it's a little hard.

Then I had a surprise chat with my two best friends from BVN, Cara & Kelsey. We started planning a reunion because we're taking opportunities and haven't all been together in a long time.

I really like the theme of taking opportunities. I think I'm going to make a poster and put it right by my bed to remind myself each morning to do this. I love my to do lists but without these relationships and spontaneity, life would not be very fun.

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