Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BID DAY. It's like Christmas.

10 Reason's Why Bid Day was SO Great.

1. Seeing all of the women open their bids after a long, crazy, and stressful week of recruitment.

2. Listening to all of the new members go around the room and say what chapter they are now a part of.

3.  Being the first to welcome the new members into Delta Gamma and teaching them how to scoop!

4. Running down the stairs of Olmsted to be reunited with the chapter.

5. Dancing to "Beat It!"

6. Taking pictures outside of the house.

7. Last year, I taught the chapter how to play "The Big Wind Blows..." So today, when we arrived at Sleepy Hollow for our bid day festivities, some of the women initiated the game on their own. It was awesome.

8. Three words: OUTDOOR LASER TAG.

9. Even more camp games.

10. Being officially DONE with recruitment!

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