Sunday, February 13, 2011


I went to my fifth conference of 2011 this past weekend. It was so great. Our IFC & CPC learned a lot and came together with some great ideas on how to implement positive change in our community.

I learn by inspirational quotes. When I am at conferences such as this one, I am most inspired and connect most with the message when a good quote is said. I have pages of quotes from this conference. I think the most effective way for me to share my experience is through a list. Therefore, here is:

The Top 21 Best Quotes from AFLV Central 2011

"I'm not here to throw sunshine at you and to make you all warm and fuzzy. If you want that, go back through sorority recruitment." - David Stollman

"The council president is always the anti-fun." - David Stollman

"Being silent is just as guilty as engaging in the behavior." - Response Ability Video

"Why do we do what we do? Why do we tolerate what we tolerate? - Mike Dilbeck

"Are you willing to go beyond that fear to be the leader who your founders intended you to be?" - Mike Dilbeck

"If you are not urgent, you are complacent."- Girl in my Pathway session

"Persist with patience and continue the movement towards change."

"We have to change or we will not just die, we will become irrelevant." - Dr. Bernard Franklin

"The universe does not drop us a dream that we cannot accomplish." - Dr. Bernard Franklin

"What if you were given that choice to change or die? If you didn't change, your time would end soon - a lot sooner than it had to." - Change or Die, Alan Deutschamn

"Our world is changing dramatically, swiftly, and exponentially. But we're not getting it in America because of our wealth. And that is unacceptable." - Dr. Bernard Franklin.

"We are sitting in America worrying about things that don't matter when people in Egypt are demanding change." - Dr. Bernard Franklin

"You are a child of God. Your being small does not help the world. We were all meant to shine and to transform the world around us. I beckon you to take your place and lead our world into the 21st century." - Dr. Bernard Franklin

"What would it look like if at every second of the day we were striving to live out our oath?"

"I'm tired of sweeping our problems under the curtain. I'm a part of the fraternal values movement because I want to be proud." - Jessica Pettitt

"There isn't an 'us' and a 'them.' There is just a 'we'." - Jessica Pettitt

"Watch what you want to on TV, but put up a barrier so that stuff does not infiltrate into who you are." - Corey Ciocchetti

"When you wake up in the morning, are you happy with your life?" - Corey Chiocchetti

"If it is important enough for you to think about if you were dying, why is it not important enough to think about everyday?" - Corey Ciocchetti

"When was the last time you dove headfirst out of your comfort zone?" - Corey Ciocchetti

"We are the ones we have been waiting on." - Hopi Prophecy

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