Saturday, February 19, 2011

"And so, man was born. He was born that he" - Metamorphoses

I like surprises.

On Friday, Michelle Mooney came to Drake to visit Sarah Mooney. Michelle and I became friends at camp this summer. We were both Shoshojibwa girls. (Shoshone + Ojibwa = Shoshojibwa) I like Michelle because we have the same name, she is super fun, and is so loyal to all of her friends. She is going to make a great CILT this summer and will be such a good role model to all of her adopted campers.

Sarah thought it would be fun to trick Michelle into thinking I would be home this weekend. So we told her that I was going to go home for my dad's birthday on Friday, instead of Saturday. It was so fun to see her face in the DG house when I walked downstairs. I may or may not have screamed.

We watched Center Stage with a bunch of DG's and then had an impromptu devotion with Emily. We sat in a circle in middle four, turned off all of the lights, used my flashlight as a makeshift candle, and flipped through Cold Tangerines until someone said stop. We ended up reading "Puppies" and "Swimming" - two of my favorite stories from that book.

It was nice to reflect on our days with highs and lows, and genuine conversation about life, God, and relationships. Our conversation paralleled a lot of what we talked about in DG small group on Thursday. We talked about how in order to really connect with someone and to have a true friendship, you need to be vulnerable. More importantly, we need to do that with God. We need to open up and actually tell him what is going on in our life. What we are upset about, what we are angry about, what we are struggling with. Because he already knows it. But it means so much more coming from you, because it is a way of opening up your heart to him and letting him in. So that is what I am working on right now. Opening up more to my friends here on earth and to my father in heaven. And making more time for real talking.

Our impromptu devotion turned into an impromptu sleepover. It was great.

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  1. Aren't you guys cute?
    I also agree with making Friday night devotionals a weekly thing!! Can't wait to see you and hear about your weekend.