Saturday, February 26, 2011

is this heaven? no, it's (hampton,) IOWA.

This was a wonderful, craft filled weekend.

Yesterday, I got to see two of my favorite women from Panhellenic last year.
We went to Amelia's apartment to catch each other up on what is going on in our lives, laugh
and CRAFT!
We each made the first letter of our name. I really look up to and respect Amelia & Kari. They are both remarkable women who have done great things in their own chapter and continue to do great things in the greek world. I really miss having them on council, but I am glad we have become such good friends.

I also crafted myself a devotion book for this summer. I have a bunch of devotions scattered all over the place from the past two summers and I wanted a central place to organize them. So I made this:

My next project is to transfer all my random devotion notes into this notebook.

Today, I woke up, gave therapy, and then it was time for a ROAD TRIP!
Nikki, Emily, & I road tripped to Hampton, Iowa to visit Emily's hometown & the birth place of Kum & Go. It was hilarious, random, and really good to spend time with these two women.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our tour of Hampton:
Being awkward.

After the grand tour, we went to Emily's house! Earlier this week, Emily suggested we do the old trade and craft, so we set out on our mission right away.

Nikki made hers for Emily, Emily made hers for me, and I made mine for Nikki. We are holding our  gifts in this picture:

They turned out great! We ended the day with a delicious meal made by Mrs. Hanson, gag collages for some friends who stayed home to do homework, and some McDonalds ice cream.

It was fun to see Emily's life at home. I love that Emily shared who she is with us even more today. It is cool to see where people come from, since you don't automatically know their history. Her small town was so precious, and her family is hilarious.

P.S. - Check out Emily's view of the day here!

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