Friday, May 6, 2011


Sarah Wright had a great idea. What if all of us who blog all post lists about the same topic on the same day? It would be pretty cool because we are all very different, so we would have very different answers in our lists. So we decided to go with it! Check out the links on the bottom of my post to see the other lists!

Top 10 Rules for Life
1. Pray. Everyday. As often as you can. It doesn't have to be super serious or super formal. Just talk to God. Send him little messages. Tell him when you're stressed, what you're upset about, why you are really really happy right now, and why you're excited. Yes, he already knows. But having continual conversation will enrich your life and bring you closer to Jesus. This prayer is crucial and will enrich your life in ways you did not think was possible.
2. Do what you love. Whether it is just a hobby on the side or your full time job, it is necessary to have something in your life that you truly love.
3. Figure out what your values are and stick to them. Don't change them for anyone. Not for a friend, not for an organization, not for a boy. Your values will define who you are. If you don't know what they are yet, that's okay. It takes time to figure these things out. And they will ever morph to who you are. But your values will help you make those really tough decisions when the going gets rough.
4. Invest in genuine relationships. Spend time with people who make you a better person. Don't be friends with some one out of connivence to either of you. Do it out of love, trust, and truth.
5. Give people your full attention. This means turn off your phone. Shut down the computer. Get away from technology, and really really listen. I think listening is a lot harder than people realize, but it is a necessary skill. Giving people your true attention is one of the most precious gifts you can give them.
6. Get outside of your comfort zone. Go to an event that you usually wouldn't. Befriend someone who thinks differently than you. Move away from home. Do something that scares you every now and then. It will help you figure out your values and make you more grounded in who you are.
7. Try everything once. This goes along with #6.
8. Be spontaneous. Even if you have to plan it. There is a special sort of joy that comes from doing random, silly, and crazy things out of the ordinary.
9. Keep in touch with those you love. This one means a lot to me. When I moved from Carmel to KC in high school, I took the view that it was my "curse" in life to be far away from those that I love. And as I've grown older, I've learned that it is unrealistic to live in a little town with everyone that you are close with. I wish this were possible, but when it comes down to it, we all have different dreams that we want to pursue. All staying in the same town would simply hold us back from our dreams, and that is not what friendship is about. Friendship is about supporting each other in all that you do. Since people I love live all over the United States - New York, Texas, Indiana (a lot of people I love live all over this state), Chicago, Kansas, Minnesota, and Iowa - I've learned that I have two options: mourn the loss of friendships and only be close with those physically close to me or put in the effort. And I will always vouch for putting in the effort. It might mean unsuccessfully trying to set up skype dates, ridiculous updates via text messaging, awkward time differences, saving up money for road trips or flights, but it is all worth it.
10. Learn to say no. This one took me awhile to figure out. I cannot do everything. If you try to do everything you will simply not be able to give your best effort towards all those things. So learn to say no, but don't forget to say 'yes' every once in awhile.

Top 10 Random Things About You
1. I can't swallow pills.
2. I used to write and direct plays with my cousins.
3. When faced with the choice of talking to friends or sleeping, I will always choose staying up with my friends.
4. My favorite dance move is titled "stir it up." 
5. I can't fall asleep without reciting at least a small portion of "night prayer."
6. I've never had a pet, except for a fish I won at a carnival in 6th grade. He only lived for a week.
7. I hate diet coke.
8. I'm addicted to coffee, but I think its really gross. So instead I fill it with sugar and creamer. Or get an expresso drink. Yum.
9. If I had all the time and money in the world, I'd scrapbook my life in extreme detail.
10. I am obsessed with musicals. 

Top 10 Really Unique Things You Really Love About Camp
1. When Scott makes us hug five people during the staff meeting.
2. The moment after a camper's parent leaves. I love seeing how the kids react, whether they sit in their bunks, go straight to a familiar face, or branch out. This time and the walk down to swim checks has the ability to set the tone for the week.
3. Passing people on Lake Hill. Ok this isn't that unique, but I love this part of the day.
4. "The Devil Won't Allow." I absolutely love singing this song at opening campfire. It's all about things that the devil won't allow, and then doing exactly what he doesn't like. My favorite verse of this song is "the devil won't allow no kind words around here" because everyone goes crazy during this verse. Campfire explodes with campers and counselors running and around hugging each other, shouting kind words, and complimenting one another. It's so happy and there is so much laughter and joy that happens during those 30 seconds.
5. Wearing side pony tails.
6. When the bathroom door is unlocked in the LV cabins. When this happens, the cabins connect and you have one GIANT cabin with your neighbors!
7. Wishing and hoping for grilled cheese and tots for lunch. Mainly because it never is grilled cheese and tots for lunch.
8. Jump roping before lunch.
9. Pretending to have really serious conversations or intense fights on the silent bridge.
10. Making up traditions for each week with your partner. Last summer, Sarah would always tell our kids a bed time story and I would always sing them a song good night. So on Fridays when we were both on, she would make up the most intense and hilarious stories and I would add the sound effects and sing parts of it. Always hilarious. I'm not sure how we ever got our kids to fall asleep after those stories...

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  1. You are so wise. I'm so glad you're my friend and that you will leading the Pathfinder women this summer.
    I can't wait to see "stir it up" in person.
    I love your camp #3 so much! I almost put it on my list. Hmm... was your #4 inspired by the video I just posted...
    #9 is SO FUNNY and I've never seen anyone do it. I can't wait to try it.
    I need to witness a #10.

  2. #7 list 2! yess diet coke sucks and sarah thinks i'm crazy!