Friday, May 13, 2011


Today was a little bit bitter.
1. Microeconomics final
2. Packing
3. Moving out of DG
4. 7.5 hours in my car
5. Stand still traffic once I got into Indiana
6. Getting lost in Gary, Indiana
7. Saying goodbye to my friends
8. Leaving before the seniors graduated and knowing they won't be here when I come back

But, today was really, really sweet.
1. Giving a friend a friendship bracelet in hopes that we'll stay in touch over the summer
2. Singing really, really loudly in my car
3. Talking to my mom on the phone
4. Getting to CAMP!
5. Being some of the first people to sit on this chair

6. Talking to Sarah Wright about life on the chair (I haven't seen her since August - so weird!)
7. Learning that animals really like me, and not so much Sarah

8. Seeing Adam, Krafty, Keith, Dave, & Beth and chatting for a bit.

Right now, I'm blogging with Sarah at her house. In the morning, we have coord training. It feels like summer. Life is really, really good.

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