Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best unplanned surprise ever.

I've been living in the health center at camp. On Monday, I helped out Jessie, our CAC queen for the summer. But there was really nothing else for me to do. So after going through the entire Pathfinder folder and meeting with Ben, my partner for the summer, I took an impromptu road trip to Carmel to see Molly.

I love Carmel. I lived there for 12 years and moved when I was 16. I love how many trees are all over the place and how far apart everything is. I like all of the roundabout and the new constructions. I like that every time I go there, something has changed. I also really like that I can still pretty much get anywhere without having to ask for directions.

It was so good to see Molly last night. We caught up on life and were just plain goofy. I can't wait to spend all summer with her. We made a bucket list of things we want to accomplish over the summer on our nights off. Highlights include:

1. Get to the other side of the high bridge.
2. Go through the Jungle Car Wash.
3. Create a flash mob on the pedestrian bridge.
4. Take a float trip down the Tippecanoe in inner tubes.
5. Dress like rednecks and go to Indiana Beach.
6. Go country line dancing.

Today, we got lunch at noodles with our friend Lesem. We sat in that restaurant for 3 hours and talked about our past two summers and how this summer is going to be so different. We think that's a good thing. We're excited to be together in two weeks for the summer.

After we left noodles, Molly & I decided we needed something sweet. So we went to Dairy Queen and got some delicious ice cream. On the way, I was telling her all the differences between Carmel and Leawood and my two high schools. We were super close to Carmel High School, and we joked about going in and walking around. Feeling adventurous, we did. It was SO WEIRD walking down the senior hallway. The current seniors are people from my sister's class, so it was kind of fun seeing the faces that I knew on the locker signs. Molly and I were trying to figure out if we knew anyone, when lo and behold, we see ELLYN!
She was picking up her yearbook since she graduated in December. Then, Sarah Wright texted me. I told her about our random encounter. Luckily, she was nearby. So she obviously stopped by as well.
It was so funny that all four of us met up at CHS. None of us go there. I also got to talk to Sarah Mooney on the phone for five minutes while we were there. It was so great..

To continue with the random encounters of the day, I decided to show Molly my old house. We drove around my neighborhood and realized we were super close to the Stein's. So we decided to stop by and say hello to Sydne and Zoe. It was good to see them before the summer started!

Then it was back to Molly's where we cut some ribbon for her brother's wedding and chatted with her mom. Then it was time go to back to camp. I got lost.

Tomorrow morning is the start of survivor and amazing race training. I can't wait to do team building and start meeting some of the staff. It is going to be a GREAT summer.

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