Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today (and yesterday), I Learned...

1. That the discovery of the concept of self is how we first began to distinguish humans
2. I might be a published researcher at the end of this year
3. Technology and text messaging makes communication harder
4. Talking to someone about things you love can drastically alter your mood and levels of calmness
5. Taking a deep breath and a step back and help you re-evaulate a situation
6. Text message games are silly
7. Open communication can solve so many issues, so even if it's scary and hard, you should probably sit down and talk face to face about it
8. Approaching a situation in a calm, collective manner might make the issue seem like it's not a big deal, but it makes communication easier and less aggressive
9. You can pay $300 to do a personality evaluation based on handwriting, but there is no scientific support behind it
10. A lot of things about the names of the people in my personality class
11. About Rorschach tests in my Astronomy class (I still have no idea why we were doing personality tests in that class)
12. Having free Wednesday nights means I can go to InterVarsity
13. You should never go to McDonald's when they are restarting the system
14. I want to get rid of my facebook
15. I didn't miss going to Panhel too much
16. I will always be aggressive primed #BOOM

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