Friday, January 13, 2012

Back to Des Moines

We're back in Des Moines!

Spring 2012 has started off great. Emily & I took a picture by the Drake sign - we were practicing for graduation. It was too cold to take more than one but we're pretty sure we'll have some great ones in May. Today has been filled with grocery shopping and cleaning and getting ready for school to start on Tuesday. We can't wait for Carley to come back.

Yesterday Dana came to visit. I have these (awesome) paper streamers on the wall and every time Dana comes over she tells me she thinks it looks like a bird. We sat down to talk about how I'm feeling about my job search and other serious life things. As I began to answer her, Dana picked up the tape that was sitting on my counter and after she took one step I asked, "are you going to make a bird on my wall?" She was.

Meet Penelope.

She's a fortune telling bird who lives on my wall. She has her own fan page and can't wait to tell your fortune.
She's also really funny and loves her best friend named Hank. 

We think it should be everyone's goal to get a picture with Penelope. 

We celebrated being back in Des Moines with a trip to El Aguila and ate a lot of chips, salsa, and queso. 

We also made up a story for this couple. The man is mad because his sister is a horrible gardner and she just picked the last living flowers. Since they have no more flowers at their house he is heading away to  find some more seeds, and probably someone who can take care of them.

I love being back here and seeing people. Everyone is so excited to make this the best semester ever and take advantage of every opportunity presented to them. Yes, classes will be tough but it's going to be so fun. I can't wait to finish out senior year strong.

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