Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm loving this week

This week has been awesome so far. Here's why:

1. I got some really great news on Monday.
2. I had lunch with my friend Lauren and we had a great talk about the legacy we are leaving as seniors and what we can still do with the time we have left.
3. Prayer has been so fruitful. I love when I don't want to leave the adoration chapel because talking to God is just so easy.
4. We are almost ready to start running subjects. It's going to be so legit.
5. I've loved reading about personality. #psychmajorproblems
6. I got to play with chalk yesterday
7. Today my friend Murphy tweeted: "This week my themes are that joy is a choice daily and that authenticity in how I talk and live are crucial." True that, Murph. These two things have been a theme in my week so far as well.
8. Though I still have no idea what I'm doing, I've been really peaceful about what the future holds
9. My bible study girls had insightful conversation on Tuesday. They're the best.
10. An old camper told me all about how close she is with God right now. I love when my kids are intentional about pursing their relationship with Christ. That's what camp is all about and it's good to hear about their joy in prayer
11. Sarah, Emily, & I sat down to plan DG bible study today. I'm really excited about our plans and pray that it's going to be fruitful. I'm really, really excited about it.

The rest of this week is looking pretty good: Salvadorian food with Emily, senior bible study night, and a Chinese New Year Party!

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