Monday, April 18, 2011


Being sick is not an excuse to lay around and sleep. Especially in April. What you've got to do is drag yourself out of bed, and start feeling better. Here's how.

1. Take a really, really, really warm shower. Like borderline hot.
2. Take Tylenol. Make sure it's children's because you can't swallow pills. Also, that makes life more hilarious (and complicated).

3. Put on your sweet nikes.

4. Drive to a starbucks far, far away from campus.
5. Order passion tea. Yum.

6. Take pictures of yourself in starbucks. Make conversation with the man next to you about why you're here. Don't act too sad when he won't take a picture with you.

7. Blog about the experience.
8. Get off the internet and write your 12 page paper.

Here's to feeling better! And soon!


  1. you're so great. this is just another reason why we're friends :)

  2. You look like Joey in picture #3

  3. sometimes I wonder about you....