Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"How Good and Pleasant It Is When God's People Live Together In Unity."

Last year, my friend Beth Ann started a bible study in DG. This year, Emily and Anna are continuing it. I love DG small group because it has become a place where I can go with my sisters to talk about life, Jesus, and what he wants for us. I love this group because we all come from very different christian religious backgrounds. We're Catholic, nondenominational, Lutheran, have very religious family, had no religion as a kid - just a big mix of backgrounds. But what is so great about DG small group is we can put aside the differences we have in our beliefs and focus on the thing that we have in common - we want to pursue a relationship with Christ.

At Drake, there are three big Christian organizations on campus. The idea of us all coming together had crossed my mind before, but I never thought that much into it or thought about doing anything about it. However, when I got back from spring break this Christian unity was really on my heart. I asked my friend Emily, "How cool would it be if all of the Christians on Drake's campus could set aside their differences and come together to worship God?" We both thought it would be SO COOL and spent some time talking about it. I made her promise me that we would make this event happen, at least once before the end of the semester.

The next Friday, we went to an InterVarsity Women's Night and told Amy, the IV missionary, about our idea. She introduced me to Ann and told me that Ann had recently expressed a similar vision to her. Amy then laughed and told us to just do it, because if we left it up to the leaders, it would never happen. So Ann and I became facebook friends. And started a planning group. Then, after three weeks, two meetings, and many emails, our vision became a reality.

At 9:00 p.m. in the middle of the biggest party week at Drake, 120+ students of different Christian denominations and campus groups came together for a night of worship. They broke out of their comfort zone, and didn't just stay with their friends.

They played human knot with students they had never met before, and followed up with real conversation about what the team building experience was like for them. They talked about how the activity relates to living your out faith out on campus, and what they think it means to be a Christian at Drake right now.

Afterwards, we all talked about what brings us together. About how when it comes down to it, Jesus died for our sins to save us. And how this fact should bring us unity. We talked about how community and intimacy with others is a reflection of what our relationship with Jesus should look like. Finally, we talked about what it means to be a light of Christ and the salt of the earth on Drake's campus.

Then, we turned to those around us and prayed. We prayed for Drake, for each other, and that our unity as a large Christian community would grow. After, we came together and worshiped our God. It was beautiful to have worship leaders from all three groups come together and play for Jesus. It was obvious they were pouring their hearts out to Christ.

I was floored by how quickly and flawlessly this event came together. I think it spoke to the hunger we have as a campus for this type of unity with each other and with Christ.  Everyone I talked to afterwards told me they were so glad that we had this event, and that it came at the perfect time. There is talk of doing at least one night like this a semester, maybe even once a month next year. And I think that would be great. Like Ann spoke about tonight, we are called to be lights to this world. Our world right now is Drake University. As an individual, Jesus can shine through us. As a group, we can change the world. Let's show Drake how brightly we can shine.

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