Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People I've Lived With

It's easiest to be closet with the people who are physically closest to you. I think that's why who we live with is so important to who we are as people. Looking back, those who I've lived with has shaped me in so many ways...

1. Stephanie
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Steph is my little sister. Well, she's not so little any more. Not only has she been taller than me for years, but she is 18 and headed to college in the fall. We lived together in the same room when we were kids - from the time she was born until I was 12. I don't remember what it was actually like living in the same room with her, but I've lived with her forever. It's sad because we don't get to see each other very often, but we have been talking a lot more recently, and I like that. Growing up alongside her has allowed me to have a sister to fight with, to share hopes, dreams, and frustrations with, and have someone who will always be there.I pray that she is loving her last few months in high school and that we will stay close through life. Love you so much.

2. Claire
Claire was my randomly assigned roommate freshman year. We got along immediately and took this picture right away to hang on our door. Claire is loud, full of energy, and hilarious. Claire and I adjusted to college quite differently, and I moved out at the end of first semester. While the situation seemed awful at the time, I think living with Claire was good for me. I was able to evaluate how I was adjusting to college and was able to make my first grown up decision on my own.

3. Alyson
I moved in with Alyson after living with Claire. She was the perfect roommate for the second half of my freshman year. I wish we were still in contact, but it's good to see her around campus occasionally. I loved laying in our room, me in my bed and Alyson in hers,watching Pride & Prejudice. She was so chill, and pretty much let me come in and take over the room: I re-arranged the furniture, put tons of pictures up on the walls, and brought my friends along with me. Alyson taught me how to be flexible and open to those who come into your life. She was the greatest, and I am so thankful our lives had the opportunity to overlap for a short while.

4. Molly
Not only did I live with Molly, but I worked with her, cried with her, acted completely ridiculous with her, played with her, ate with her, and prayed with her. Molly and I went to the same high school, but were never friends until we were partnered together in 2009 in Cayuga cabin. This is the first picture we took together as friends. That summer I spent with Molly changed me in so many ways that I can't even describe. I know I would not be who I am today if I had not lived with her. I learned so much about myself and she will always have a special place in my heart.

5. Emily, Nicole, & Jillian
These girls were my best friends sophomore year. Living with them in GK253 was fantastic. Living with Jillian taught me how to live with someone I was different from without having to move out. It also taught me to clean up after myself a little bit more. Living with Emily taught me there is a difference between being roommates and best friends, but it is possible to do both - you just still have to make friend time. Living with Nicole was always fun and she was always there to talk to. Or star in my movies for class. I miss the days of GK253 sometimes, but I am grateful my sophomore on campus living experience was so fabulous.

6. Sarah
Crowuga neighbors in 2009 and best friends, I would have never thought I would get to be partners with Sowens. Living in Ojibwa with Sar was something I never even considered possible. We made a great team, and it was great to have her around. Being partners with Sarah allowed our friendship to grow in a way it wouldn't have been possible just being co-workers. Living with Sarah I learned about our (okay, mainly her) great ability to make up stories, how to be a better counselor, and how to be a better leader.

7. Emily, Jessica, Adrea, Caitlin, Katelin, Emily, Nikki, Carley, Autumn, Robin, Allie, Andi, & Jessica (Big Dorm Girls)
When I tell people I live in a room of 12 girls, they think I'm crazy. If I said living with 11 others was easy, I'd be lying. But living in big dorm has been so much fun. I could live up here again next year, I so would. Not only has living up here given me to opportunity to get to know all of those amazing women, it has taught me how to be conscious of others at all times.

This summer, I'll be living with another camp person. And then when I get back to Drake I'll be living with Carley and Emily. I'm excited to see where life will take me when I'm living with then.

It's crazy to think how different I would be if I had not lived with one of these women. One thing I have not done a good job of is keeping close with those I don't live close to. So next year, I am going to have to try super hard to stay close with my DG sisters who still live in the house. Yes, it will mean that I actually have to put time into my relationships, but I think that is a cause worthy of a lot of my time.

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