Monday, April 28, 2014


Thanks to Catholic Icing, FOCUS Equip, & The Marians of the Immaculate Conception's Divine Mercy App for the ideas and resources!

Yesterday was a HUGE day: Divine Mercy Sunday (DMS) & The Canonization of two awesome Popes! So obviously, I threw a Pope Party for my high school girls.

1. Make sure everyone is wearing blue or red in honor of DMS.

2. Start off with chapter 2 of the FOCUS Scriptural Apologetics Bible Study. This study is great, and helps students practically understand how Jesus established his kingdom and why we have a Pope.

3. Remind your girls that it's Divine Mercy Sunday, so to celebrate to need to eat DIVINE MERCY SUNDAES. 

4. Craft a Pope Puppet while eating said Sundaes and pretend that you are 5 years old and not 15/24. 

5. Talk about Mercy

6. Pray, and ask God for His Mercy. We prayed the chaplet, because it's awesome.

And that's it!

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