Friday, April 11, 2014

7QTs on Obscure Holidays, Painting, & Old Family Photos [22]

Last weekend I drove up to Ft. Collins to celebrate Shelby & Calvin! They are getting married in just about a month, so we had a Colorado Bachelorette party.

This is a hot mess. Everyone looks hilarious.
We went to a wine & paint night and it was SO FUN! Look at all of our trees! We're basically professionals. The most stressful part was getting started, but look how good of a job Ann did!!

Shelby & Calvin have been dating since I met them at UNL last year. They are both beautiful and joyful people who desire nothing more than to love Christ. I am so excited for them to unite in mission to continue to grow in holiness & to make Christ known!
Last night I got to babysit Soph while her parents went to their "Families of Character" group. We had so much fun at the park: slides, swings, "gotcha," pretend picnics, chasing bugs, and watching ducks.

She told all of my housemates many times how much fun she had all night, except right when her parents got home. About two minutes before they walked in the door, Sophie and I were laying down going to bed, and I was telling stories. When her Dad got home, she told him she was sad and that she cried. This was only because I had just told her (at 10:15 pm), that we could not get up and read another book. Ugh, kids.

Wednesday night I went to a gathering for the Drake Regional Alumni Board. The RAB (I love acronyms) plans and runs a few events a year and recruits other local alumni to attend. It was really great to be around other Drake grads. I was the youngest one there (worst) by a few years, and the oldest grad was my friend Kendall's dad.

My favorite part was recognizing that sure there is a typical Drake student, but there is also a typical overly involved Drake student (and that is 100% me). It was fun being around other Drake grads who have the same tendency to get involved in everything. It reminded me of my Panhellenic friends.

I'm excited for this board (committee?) and to get to know other Denver Drake grads!

Next week I begin another cross-country traveling adventure. Kansas City, Lincoln, Omaha, Nashville, & Ave Maria, Florida are the one list. I'll also make connections in Chicago, Atlanta, Fort Myers, & Indianapolis. All we need is a quick flight to the west coast to really make it a cross country adventure.

Yesterday was national siblings day. Please enjoy this gem from my 4th grade birthday (what the heck is up with my hair):

and this other gem of Steph & me ringing in Y2K!

I love everything about this picture.

Speaking of Steph, she is on the Relay for Life committee at SLU & their Relay is tomorrow! I'm so proud of her - she has raised $802.67 for cancer research. My family is in St. Louis to attend the event (& I'm super jealous).


Speaking of obscure holidays, today is National Barbershop Quartet Day. We sang a lot of barbershop quartet in 7th and 8th grade. Goodtimes. Please enjoy this video in honor of this very important day:

A few times I've mentioned the St. Catherine of Sienna Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Yesterday. FOCUS brought in Sherry Weddell, the founder and author of Forming Intentional Disciples, to lead us through the workshop. It was amazing and so fun. My team took the inventory last year, but it was a whole other ball game to hear them all explained by Sherry with insight on how we can use our charisms to evangelize. I'm excited to take the next step and explore these gifts/charisms in more depth.

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