Wednesday, February 26, 2014

scarves for the homeless

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Hey all you knitters and crocheters!

My good friend, Dana, works at Catholic Charities in Fort Collins, Colorado. She coordinates volunteers and does other cool stuff.

She accepts my taxidermy squirrel...

She even goes above and beyond and leads a Bible study for the women on Tuesday nights.

However, it's cold out here in Colorado. Especially if you're homeless.

That's why I'm helping Dana out by knitting a scarf (or two) for the women in her Bible study. Will you join me? She only needs 10. That's 9 more (or 8 if I can whip one out pretty quickly). Thank you, Dana, for this opportunity to glorify God through yarn. And crafting.

Email michelle[dot]lippoli[at]gmail[dot]com for more information on where to send your scarf!

PS - Denver peeps, I'm thinking of having a knitting night or two in March so we can hang out while we knit! I'll keep you posted.

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