Friday, February 7, 2014

7QT on Podunk Mountain Towns [15]

We're on the green half, people.

This one is a little smaller, and there is no skiing. But I am feeling really good about it. We have one Getaway under our belts, and I feel like I am getting better at being the official event executer. My play by play is gorgeous for this event. #spreadsheets.

Something that is great about these Getaways is that it's a great chance to get to know other missionaries/see missionary friends. I was way too busy at SLS to actually spend time with anyone, so the downtime is nice. I don't know the missionaries on this Getaway as well, so this weekend I get to make new(ish) friends. Yippieeeeee!

It is way fun being here in the Smoky Mountains. My parent's friends from college and their family's all come here every summer for a vacation. Except I haven't been since 2008 (whoops, camp...). I miss those people a lot, they're pretty much the 3rd side of our family. Yeah, that's how to explain it. When we come here, we rent out a giant house and take over it for 3 days. We hike and swim and explore and eat and just hang out together. I really, really hope I can come this summer. Actually, I hope everyone can come this summer! Let's go back to midnight hole.

Also, being in a mountain town is so fun. We went to this microbrewery last night and there were total townies there. Along with a legit Podunk town band, equipped with an accordion, bass, fiddle, and over-the-washboard.

This summer, I will have officially been friends with my summer 2009 camp friends for 5 years. And Drake friends for 6. Woah.

I finally had some time to do some soul searching and big time goal setting and dreaming on the plane on Wednesday. It was cool, because it stemmed from me thinking about a financial goal I could set...a post to come on this!

My plane ride was very productive - I had some really raw and honest prayer for the first time in awhile. I had a weird experience in adoration on that retreat a few weekends ago, and I think I actually was able to confront it and get to the bottom of a few things.

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