Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Welcome to finals week.

St. Catherine's is a great place to study. It's full of the FOCUS team, friends, late night breakfast, and when you want it, distractions.

We played Operation. Seejo lost horribly.

Last night, Father Joel blessed our brains so we would prepare for our finals well. We also prayed for St. Thomas Aquinas' intercession to help guide our studies.

Rachel & some of her bible study girls wrote a parody to "when will my life begin?"Mixing tangled with jokes about finals week is great, so obviously we recorded it. You can watch it below. Ignore the embarrassing ending.

Right now, I'm taking a break by studying. In 45 minutes lots of friends will arrive to eat breakfast. It smells like pancakes. Mike is sad he doesn't have his mustache anymore. I got him to shave it off by telling him I'd follow him on twitter if he did. #win

But I think my favorite procrastination method so far has been our hashtag. Some of my favorite tweets:
  • "it's kind of scary how quiet it got when @nataliergadbois @Michelle Lippoli & @andipiela left"
  • "Moustache is gone. Me: "I thought you looked 10 years younger." Therefore I'm now following @bigmikeselenski #imsofunny @Dana4Life"
  • "YOU PULLED A @Dana4Life!!!"
  • "So far this finals week I've learned that the DSM Catholic Church needs to better utilize social media."
  • "I said NOTHING! And then you came over here & hit me in the face!"

I have one paper and two test to go. I can't wait to continue to #occupystkates until I'm done. #tweeton

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