Friday, December 30, 2011

10 Memorable Photo Moments From 2011

1. Spilling the popcorn kernels after the recruitment movie night. So stressful. So hilarious. So upsetting.

2. Turning 21 with the Sisters of Life.

3. Visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral. Twice.

4. I captured this precious moment during one of our many Chick-a-ton times.

5. Malik loves Kenevil. I love this picture.

6. Camp T campers love to have their friends sign their shirts on Fridays. Sarah & I were talking during a theme dinner & we turned to our left to see this boy asking the kitchen staff to sign his shirt. Such a beautiful moment.

7. We are seniors. So weird.

8. Right after Steph's initiation.

9. Doing what I love most - performing at closing campfire with Show Choir Clinic.

10. Look here if you don't know what this is referencing.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE malik and evil kenevil, the adorable boy having the kitchen ladies sign his shirt, you and steph #preshpresh, showchoir obvi, and mike and ted. hilar. looove ya :)