Friday, June 3, 2011

BLOG HOP. Part 2. Top 3 Style.

Pictures of 3 Things You Did This Past Year That You Really Loved
1. Mentored a great group of guys with an incredible team.

2. Planned a night of unity.

3. Spent Spring Break (and my 21st birthday) on a mission trip in NYC and growing closer to God.

3 Songs You Listened To A Lot This Year
1. LOVESICK by Mirror Men
2. Mean by T.Swift
3. Wavin' Flag AKA Summer 2010's Theme Song

3 People That Were Main Characters In Your Life This Year That You Didn't Know Before
1. Sarah Mooney. I met this girl at camp because she was going to be coming to Drake in the fall. I knew this girl needed to be a DG. Unfortunately for me, I was disaffilated so I couldn't recruit her. Luckily for me, she pledged. Sarah quickly became one of my best friends and she held my life together this year. She is always so true to herself and she taught me to be the same way. Having her at Drake helped me bring my two worlds together. I'm so happy to spend the summer and another full year with her.

2. Panhellenic Exec 2011 (Liz, Sarah, Rachel, Crystal, Brittany, & Emily). These are incredible women. They lead with confidence and values and re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. They are so fabulous to work with and I am so lucky to see them every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. They've supported me when I've been stressed about things and I couldn't imagine having a better council to work with.

3. Emily Hanson. Ok, so I knew who Emily was before this year. But we hadn't really spoken that much. This year, we lived in big dorm together and everything changed. We quickly bonded over late nights in big dorm and DG Bible Study. My year would not have been the same without her, and I am so incredibly grateful we became close. She is strong, sassy, and really loves it when I tell her about my idea to wear our DG hats to chapter. I'm sad we won't be living together next year, but I am sure that will not make a difference in our friendship.

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