Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living the Dream

Here's the thing about working at camp. You constantly get to live the dream. Where else can you wake up and get 10 15-year-old girls out the door at 7:45 am all while getting them really pumped up to sing a ridiculously loud song at flagpole? Where else do campers run to the doors outside of the dining hall to try to hold the door for everyone because they really really want to be third? I love waking up in Teton cabin and being with my girls. Camp has flown by so far. My camera cord in in Kansas so I have no way of getting my pictures on my computer, but here is an overview of the summer so far.

10 Things I Loved About Staff Training
1. Welcoming new staff into the Tecumseh family
2. Joint Show Choir/Drama Clinic at closing campfire
3. The Coord Cart
4. Revealing partners via twitter
5. Playing Amazing Race with the Pathfinder Unit
6. Watching people walk into the Library on Friday night
7. Pathfinder devotions - it was great hearing everyone's vision for the summer
8. Beef's Undefeated Chapel
9. Creating a plan for Pathfinder themes for the summer
10. Touchstone Energy Camp Dance on Friday. Obvi.

10 Things I Loved About Week 1
1. Being called "Mom" all week long
2. Singing "Man in the Mirror" with show choir clinic
3. Doing the wobble with the Teton girls outside of Scheuman
4. Creating pet rocks (FreDrick Steven Teton) with the cabin
5. Teaching kids about social excellence
6. Watching the staff get more comfortable with their jobs
7. Girls opening up during devotions and sharing their hearts
8. Hanging out with my River Village friends on my nights off
9. Seeing God in Friday's chapel
10. Having an incredible cabin that kicked off the summer

There was a rumor going around that 2011 was going to be the best summer ever. So far, that rumor is turing out to be true. So here's to more creativity, relationship building, heart sharing, and just plain old fun that will be coming our way in 2011.

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