Monday, November 7, 2011

Our apartment is a place of insanity right now

Today was a good day. My three hour class was canceled, so it felt like I had SO MUCH TIME to do things! I obviously took the opportunity to do my laundry, hang up pictures on my wall, and add more quotes around the apartment. And study for my test Wednesday.

Later, I had a meeting to finalize the details for the second "Night of Unity," and a 2:42 meeting.

2:42 was a great time to sit and reflect upon the purpose of prayer in our lives. We've been talking a lot about prayer this year and just how important it is. We talked about how when we're praying, we are simply participating in a relationship with God and how he is constantly working in our lives and we just need to show up and do it. If we just show up, he will do the work. All he needs is our yes to continually work in our lives.

Tomorrow is a big day for apartment 523, so we may or may not just finished running around and screaming/laughing/making a scene from anxiety/stress/insanity.

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