Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Break

Right now, I'm blogging from my kitchen at home.

My weekend was pretty packed. I babysat for Quinn Thursday night. She is precious and has grown up so much!

On Friday I took a six hour drive southeast towards Saint Louis.

I picked Steph up at SLU, and we went straight to Six Flags. We had so much fun wandering around the dark park, getting lost, and avoiding the people dressed in scary costumes that follow you around. High of the night? Getting put in the same ferris wheel cart as a couple on a romantic date. #awkward

Saturday we went shopping and got lost downtown. We drove through an occupy wall street protest, past the arch, and into an area with basically no buildings. Luckily, google maps got us back to campus safely.

Sunday I drove home to Kansas to finish my midterm for my aggression class. I was impressed with how productive I was able to be at home. Carly and I joked the rest of the day about being primed for aggression. We like to make psych major jokes.

I love being home. Last night, I baked for my family and got to decorate cupcakes. Three of my favorite things.

Speaking of family, did you know I'm a grandma? Well, a DG one anyways. Dana's new little is Hannah. She's great and is so excited to be apart of our family. Big/little reveal was SO fun. I loved watching how excited everyone was when they found out who their big is!

I'm glad to get to be home for the next few days. It's good to get away from the stress of college life and refocus.

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