Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hi, I'm Michelle.

Hi, I'm Michelle. And I like lists.

I read some where, more than once, that without goals or direction, life can lose its purpose. So awhile ago, I started making lists to plan and map out my day. It's sort of become a ridiculous habit now. And while I don't always tend to get everything done, it makes me feel productive. Then one day, I decided I need to make more long term goals, instead of just living my life without any apparent direction. So my very own bucket list was born. And in honor of said bucket list, this blog was born.

What you can expect from this blog:
1. Lists. Lots of them.
2. Things I know, things I've learned (or an still learning), and things I want to share
3. Pictures!
4. Updates on my life list

Other than that, who knows! This is going to be fun. Thanks for joining me on this experiment.

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