Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real Life

5 Weird Things About Being Back at Drake
1. I'm a senior. This is so weird. It didn't really hit me until Brittany and I were helping the first year students move into their residence halls today. I can't believe I started school 3 years ago. I also realized that I don't know as many random people now as I did the past three years.
2. I have my own room for the first time since high school. I really, really like it. It's fun. Right now, the walls are super blank and it's not decorated at all, but it is so nice to know that I can close my door and have alone time if I need it.
3. I've been crazy about cleaning. I absolutely HATE cleaning. But I noticed today that I kept wanting to wipe the counter or floor or table after any little mess was made on it. I wonder how long this will last.
4. I'm disaffilated. I was disaffilated last year, but I lived in the house so it wasn't as weird. But I haven't seen very many women from my chapter. I'm glad disaffilation is only the first two weeks of school this year, even though running around the student center with Brittany and Sarah has been really fun.
5. Tomorrow is the first time since June that I don't have to set an alarm to get up. Woah.

I really like being back at school. I am so excited for all of the opportunities that lie ahead this year and can't wait to make the most of everything I do for the last time. This is going to be like and epic, extended week 9.

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