Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a love/hate relationship.

Week 3 was full of ups and downs and intense emotional moments, as well as lots of laughs, creativity and fun. I'm exhausted but still am loving life. I miss some of my friends from Drake but and striving to stay present and live in the moment. It's hard to remember specific moments from last week right now.

Over the weekend Sarah, Sarah, Molly, Emily, Mary Claire, Maggie, Grace, and I drove to Louisville to see our best friend - Taylor Swift - in concert. Once our car was approximately 25 minutes outside of the city, disaster struck. We were driving Eleanor home and her friends who were also headed to the concert told her that it was canceled. Panic ensued as we all googled it, went to her website, checked her twitter, and called our parents to make them do the same thing. Much to our dismay, Taylor canceled her first concert EVER due to doctors orders.

Though twitter blew up with #GetWellTaylor tweet, we were not as sympathetic. Determined to make our trek back to Indy way more fun than the concert, Molly, Sarah M, Grace, & I made hilarious lists about why Taylor ruined our weekend and Grace wrote a haiku about her fingernails. Though our dreams were crushed, we had a great weekend off. We ate pizza and ice cream, helped Grace with her vlog, laughed, and got way more sleep than we would have if we went to the concert.

No worries, TSwift should be better soon and we should be able to get our money back. Sarah M & I are determined to go in September when she is in KC.

Week 4 has been so fun. I can't wait for Friday's festivities and to talk with these girls about how much camp means to them tomorrow.

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