Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes on Family, Nuns on the Internet, and How St. Lucy is a DG [9]

I am heading to Aspen this weekend to help celebrate a friend's birthday. A bunch of FOCUS friends have rented out a giant house and we are just going to relax, eat, hang out, hike, and be together. It is just what I need in the middle of this SLS craziness.

Lindsay is headed home tomorrow to prepare for her wedding next Saturday, which means she is moving out. :( This semester has flown by. In just a month my good friend Jess will be joining Melissa and me in our apartment. I'm so excited to actually live with a Tecumseh friend. It's going to be nonstop CTlove and I just can't wait!

Maybe we can do theme dinners?
My family got a groupme group. Tommy is the only one without an iPhone, so we naturally named the group "If Tommy had an iPhone we wouldn't need this group." Joey immediately changed his name to "Favorite Child." Five texts in and someone already started being sassy. Typical. It's kind of fun though.

This week has been a bit of a struggle bus. I think my brain has stopped working properly because of all of the SLS prep. But I really, really like it. Carol, Christine, and I spent 5 hours this week working finalizing all the little details happening in every room at every moment to send to the hotel today. I was event planning nerding out a little bit.

I can't stop googling pictures of nuns. Whenever I need a quick break from work instead of hoping over to facebook/twitter/pinterest or getting up from my desk to stop staring at the screen, I pull up google and type, "Sisters of Life," or "Nashville Dominicans," or "Servidoras." I can't help it - they're just so beautiful!

Image via.
Image via.
Image via.

I think there's something wrong with me.

--- 6 ---
Today is St. Lucy's feast day! St. Lucy is my girl.

Why yes, those are her eyeballs
on a platter.
Image via.
I'm convinced she's a DG - I mean she's the patroness against blindness and for blind people! She would have loved Service for Sight. Aside from Steph's Kirsten American Girl Doll, I first encountered St. Lucy in a homily Father Joel gave on her my senior year of college. I could not tell you what he talked about, but I was struck by her commitment to Jesus. She promised Him that she would be true and devoted to Him, and she stuck it out, despite all the persecution and torture that came after. I met St. Lucy during a time when I was wavering in my commitment to Jesus and her intercession has helped me stay strong in my faith as I've continued growing.

--- 7 ---
With all this SLS prep and extra time spent at work, there's been a lot of team bonding, and I love it. Tuesday night, Christine, Carol, John Paul, & I stayed until about 6:15 just talking and laughing. Curtis even stopped by and told us how fun we are!

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  1. I too, have an inner Carmalite... and seek out images of nuns. So awesome! We have a special guest who has come to Little Flowers, Sister Veronica. I cannot wait to visit her in Germantown, NY this summer.
    Sankta Lucia also helped me "see" our Lord in a different light. She is so special in so many ways. As you can tell by my e-mail this morning... we celebrate our Italian saint in a very Swedish way. As I sit here with my crown on... and waiting to take the little one to the eye doctor... Sankta Lucia, be för oss.
    I pray for you and yours every day. May the light of God lead us through the darkness of our paths.
    Much love!

    1. Ah! What order is your friend, Sister Veronica?
      Also I wish I could have joined you for that St. Lucy party! It seems so fun!
      Thanks for all your prayers!! I think of and pray for you and the family often. <3