Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: My First One! [1]

I just discovered this (thanks Carol!), and I'm excited to be participating. As you probably know, consistency seems to be my problem when it comes to blogging. Hopefully participating in something like this will help me be more consistent! Also, you should really check out Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fuwiler (thanks again, Carol!). Her blog is great.

Last year, I was feeling so drawn to evangelize a parish. Which was weird for me (for a lot of reasons) because I was an on-campus missionary. Looking back, it is beautiful to see how God placed that desire on my heart as He was calling me to move off campus into the office. It's been interesting making this transition, especially since my new parish is in a time of transition. I am glad to be involved in a few different ministries, but I want to keep focusing on how I can really help make the parish a place where people can become true disciples and followers of Christ.

Guys, it's time for me to admit it. I really miss Nebraska (my team, my students, Newman - everything).  No justifying or explaining. I just really miss them. GBR.

Yesterday at work, my team made crock-pot pumpkin spice lattes. Everyone brought in some ingredients and then we let it cook in the morning and drank away in the afternoon. Best team bonding ever. Our office smelt heavenly.

This is my view as I pull off the interstate to go into the office each morning. This place is so beautiful.

Snow!!! In September!?

I've had a lot of Shauna-esq moments this week and I can't get enough of it. There's something about gathering people around a table with good food and wine that makes for a full heart. I think I may finally read Bread and Wine when I start my traveling adventures next week. These moments also make me want to plan parties.

My favorite app is Timehop. You connect it to your facebook, twitter, instagram, etc and it pulls your posts from this date one, two, three, etc. years ago. It's so fun seeing my tweets and pictures...a lot of things I have forgotten about. Like this gem I posted on Carley's wall two years ago from yesterday:

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